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Mumbai Khadi & Village Industries Association was established during pre-independence on 6th July 1946 in the name of The Bombay Suburban District Village Industries Association also known in Marathi as Bambai Upnagar Zilla Garm Udyog Sangh at 399, Kalbadevi, Bambai, by few freedom fighters. The association was registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

Founder & Board Of Trustees – Eminent freedom fighters
  1. Shri. Balasaheb Kher famously known as B. G. Kher
  2. Shri. Vaikunthlal Mehta famously known as V. L. Mehta
  3. Shri. Vithaldas V Jerajani famously known as V.V. Jerajani
  4.  Smt. Maniben G Nanavati famously known as Smt. M.G. Nanavati
  5. Shri. Ratilal Bechardas famously known as R. Bechardas
  6. Shri. Pranlal S Kapadia famously known as P. S. Kapadia
The Management Board – Prominent Personalities

On 24th April 1952 this  body was registered under section 18 of Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.

  1. Shri. Pranlal S Kapadia – Secretary
  2. Shri. Navalbhai C Jerajani – Secretary
  3. Shri Markandray B Mehta
  4.  Shri Madhavrao K Deshpande
  5. Shri Pralhadbhai K Patel
  6. Shri. Shantilal H Shah
  7. Shri. D N Wandraker
  8.  Shri. Ramniklal N Bhuta
  9. Shri. V.L Mehta
  10. Shri. Naronde Tulsidas
The Kalbadevi Khadi Bhandar

The Kalbadevi Khadi Bhandar was established in year 1946 which was pre-independence to strengthen the swadeshi movement & Garm Udyog inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and freedom fighters like Balasaheb Kher, Vaikuntlal Mehta, Smt. Maniben Nanavati & many others.

Mahatma Gandhi the very inspiration of this whole initiative graced the Kalbadevi Khadi Bhandar on several occasions, this was a huge shot in the arm so much so that later in the year 19 the Trust expanded by establishing the Khadi Emporium, DN Road Fort Mumbai.

This expansion was part of a grand plan visioned to create and establish a comprehensive platform to market the swadeshi goods of the rural artists from across India. The Trust to this day draws from over 200+ producers across India for its Garm Udyog, Khadi & Handicraft products showcase, a fall out of which MKVIA provides support to several hundred thousand rural artisans associated with them. The Khadi Emporium soon became one of the most iconic stores known across India, so much so that it became the preferred retail must visit destination of prominent personalities –

The Prominent Personalities Who Visited Emporium
  1. The 1st Prime Minister of India – Pandit Jawarlal Nehru
  2. The 1st President of India – Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  3. Shri. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  4.    Shri Morarji Bhai Desai ardent patron and associate since the very insertion
  5.  Shri. Guljarilal Nanda
  6. Smt. Indira Gandhi
  7. Smt. Pratibha Tai Patil and many more National and local leaders still make it a point to visit this iconic Bhavan.

The Khadi Bhavan finds itself on the tourist list as amongst the premier to visit destinations of the city.

Khadi for the Masses by the Masses

KHADI better known as the FABRIC of Freedom is a name given to hand spun hand woven textile. One which makes use of NO external power form a machinery and which right from the harvesting of the cotton to the removal of seeds, separating the fibers to spinning, dyeing, and weaving, everything is all done manually.

Amazing it’s perhaps the only cloth that has totally comprehensive ecological properties being one that is virtually created with zero carbon footprints.

KHADI is a true symbol and an embodiment of self reliance, SWALAMBAN and ATMANIRBHARTA .

KHADI can be referee to as the second skin as the very nature of its porous weave being hand woven- breathes.
It also has the inherent quality of being an absorbent and cool airy fabric in summer and the fine loose fibers of this hand spun yarn acts as insulation in winter.

KHADI over use becomes soft and shapes itself to your form effortlessly.

KHADI is the provider of total local employment and economic up-liftment opportunities, to even the weakest and underdeveloped sections of society. Spinning Khadi has been a boon to women as it provides the opportunity to create income at their own time and space.

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